La Bastide de Bellegarde

Charmin Guest house in Avignon - île de la Barthelasse

  • Bastide de Bellegarde

La Bastide

The bastide, after more than a 100 years of existence, has known until recently only one family owners. It invites you to the striking entrance, combining strict modern treatment and old world antiques and paintings from a lifetime collection. Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed with a discret pick and mix which brings this elegant bastide to life. Between warm pastel colours and cold stone with open fires, everything needed to make you feel at ease. This hidden diamond forgotten for years is a well worth visit. The time of a week-end, just to let you hair down.
It’s your turn next.


Time to take time and absorbe the unique chance and atmosphere the domaine has to offer. While lingering in the park or sipping a glass of wine in front of the fireplace before dinner, this bastide and its host is entirely at your service. Retire to your suite, read a few pages and you’ll discover the real way of living.
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